A Marine Debris Valentine’s Day

Nobody loves marine debris, so Valentine’s Day may seem like a strange time to write a blog about it. However, we think about marine debris every day, and Valentine’s Day is no exception! Here are a few happier ways to incorporate marine debris into your celebrations of love:

Make an upcycled valentine: Unfortunately, your local beach or waterway likely contains a lot of debris. Fortunately, you can give that debris a new purpose! Collect and clean marine debris, then use it to craft an upcycled valentine for someone you love! Here are some of our ideas:

  • Flip-flop heart: Flip flops are a common find on beach cleanups; if you find a pair, matched or mismatched, you can overlap them to form a heart!
  • Message in a bottle: Plastic bottles are another commonly collected type of debris. Wash one out, decorate, and put your own message inside! When you’re done with it, be sure to recycle!
  • Mosaic valentine: Small pieces of plastic may break off when an object gets weathered and becomes brittle, or even before plastic enters the ecosystem. Gather up as many red, pink, and purple pieces as you can find on the beach, and use them to make a mosaic valentine!

Blow bubbles instead of blowing up balloons: Balloons can be extremely dangerous to wildlife if they are released into the environment. Even if they float away on accident, they will eventually come down, and marine life could mistake them for their next meal! Instead, try blowing bubbles! You could even use a stainless-steel straw to blow your bubbles, then use it to share a milkshake with your sweetheart!

Toast your date with a reusable aluminum cup: Aluminum cups are lightweight and portable, but reusable and easy to clean! Take a pair on your beach picnic to toast your date while the sun sets.

Make a date to collect trash: Take your date to a local beach or park and pick up debris together – picking up marine debris is a great way to show the Earth your love!

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