Papers to Present

Here is the list of papers to present:

  1. Bart J. Bronnenberg, Sanjay K. Dhar, and Jean‐Pierre H. Dubé (2009) “Brand History, Geography, and the Persistence of Brand Shares” Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 117, No. 1 (February 2009), pp. 87-115. (bronnenberg_dhar_dube).
  2. Budish, Roins, and Williams (2015) “Do fixed patent terms distort innovation? Evidence from cancer clinical trials”, American Economic Review (budish_williams).
  3. Sirus and XM Radio (FTC Release DOJ Sirus-XM and Chapter discussion sirus_xm), .
  4. HR Block – TaxACT Merger (HRBlock),
  5. Whole Foods – Wild Oats (whole_foods),
  6. Staples – Office Max Brief (staples_office_max_pubbrief), 
  7. Borenstein and Bushnell (1999) “An Empirical Analysis of the Potential for Market Power in California’s Electricity Industry”, Journal of Industrial Economics Vol XLVII(3) (JIE99Cournot)
  8. Promedica Hospital Merger (111227promedicacmpt)
  9. Evanston Northwestern Hospital Merger Remedy (evanston-northwestern-commopiniononremedy evanston_northwestern_ar).
  10. ATT – Direct TV Merger (Hard att-directtv-FCC-15-94A1).
  11. Comcast NBC (comcast_nbc_ar),
  12. Apple Ebooks Case (ebooks),
  13. John Asker (2011) “A Study of the Internal Organization of a Bidding Cartel” American Economic Review. (Hard – stamps070628),
  15. Scott Morton (1997) “Entry and Predation: British Shipping Cartels 1879–1929” Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Vol 6(4). (entry_predation_shipping_cartel),
  16. Sutton, John (1990) “The Evolution of Advertising Intensive Industries” Chapter 8 (sutton_advertising) 


Also some additional papers from Antitrust Revolution:

PART I. Horizontal Structure

The Economic and Legal Context

1. The Aetna-Humana Proposed Merger (2017)
Denrick Bayot
Kostis Hatzitaskos
Brad T. Howells
Aviv Nevo

2. Electrolux’s Attempted Acquisition of GE’s Appliance Business: U.S. v. AB Electrolux and General Electric (2015)
T. Scott Thompson
Michael D. Whinston

3. Hospital-Physician Integration: The St. Luke’s Case (2013)
Tasneem Chipty
Deborah Haas-Wilson

4. Hertz-Dollar Thrifty: Fixing a Merger to Avoid Litigation (2012)
Michael J. Doane
Luke M. Froeb
Gregory J. Werden
David M. Zimmer

5. Merger in the Pharmacy Benefit Management Industry: The Express Scripts Acquisition of Medco (2012)
Francine Lafontaine
Christopher J. Metcalf
David R. Schmidt
Brett W. Wendling

6. The Proposed Merger of AT&T and T-Mobile: Rethinking Possible (2011)
Patrick DeGraba
Gregory L. Rosston

7. Under the Radar: The Dean Foods-Foremost Farms Consummated Merger (2010)
Michael R. Baye
Graeme Hunter
Emily Walden

8. Rockonomics: The Ticketmaster-Live Nation Merger and the Rock Concert Business (2010)
John E. Kwoka, Jr.

9. Prices, Market Definition, and the Effects of Merger:Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max (1997, 2015, 2016)
Serdar Dalkir
Frederick R. Warren-Boulton

PART II. Horizontal Practices

The Economic and Legal Context

10. A Tussle over Royalties: Pandora v. ASCAPPandora v. BMI, and the DOJ’s Consent Decree Review (2016)
Leslie M. Marx
Keith Waehrer

11. Agreeing to Exclude: The North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners (2015)
John E. Kwoka, Jr.

12. Collusion in College Sports: Edward C. O’Bannon, et al. v. NCAA, et al. (2015)
Roger G. Noll

13. Licensing Standard-Essential Patents: Microsoft v. Motorola (2015)
Howard H. Chang
Richard Schmalensee

14. The LCD Conspiracy: The Sherman Act, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, and Issues of Extraterritoriality (2014)
Keith B. Leffler
Cristian J. Santesteban

15. Pharmaceutical Patents and Pay-for-Delay: Actavis (2013)
Joseph Farrell
Mark Chicu

16. Predatory Pricing in the Airline Industry: Spirit Airlines v. Northwest Airlines (2005)
Kenneth G. Elzinga
David E. Mills

PART III. Vertical, Network, and Related Market Issues

The Economic and Legal Context

17. Retail Auto Sales: Tesla v. State Vehicle Franchise Laws (2017)
Fiona Scott Morton
Ann McDermott

18. Economic Theories of Harm Raised by the Proposed Comcast/TWC Transaction (2015)
William P. Rogerson

19. End of an Era: The American Airlines-US Airways Merger (2014)
G. Steven Olley
Robert Town

20. Cartel Ringmaster or Competition Creator? The Ebooks Case against Apple (2013)
Jonathan B. Baker

21. U.S. Federal Trade Commission Investigation of Google Search (2013)
Richard J. Gilbert

22. Maintenance of Monopoly: U.S. v. Microsoft (2001)
Daniel L. Rubinfeld