Papers to Present

Here is the list of papers to present:

  1. Bart J. Bronnenberg, Sanjay K. Dhar, and Jean‐Pierre H. Dubé (2009) “Brand History, Geography, and the Persistence of Brand Shares” Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 117, No. 1 (February 2009), pp. 87-115. (bronnenberg_dhar_dube). Presented by Krista September 21.
  2. Kathryn Graddy (1995) “Testing for Imperfect Competition at the Fulton Fish Market” RAND Journal of Economics, Vol 26(1) (GraddyK_RAND1995). Presented by Eric September 21
  3. Budish, Roins, and Williams (2015) “Do fixed patent terms distort innovation? Evidence from cancer clinical trials”, American Economic Review (budish_williams). Presented by Joey
  4. Sirus and XM Radio (FTC Release DOJ Sirus-XM and Chapter discussion sirus_xm), Presented by Rohan.
  5. HR Block – TaxACT Merger (HRBlock),
  6. Whole Foods – Wild Oats (whole_foods), presented by Tej.
  7. Staples – Office Max Brief (staples_office_max_pubbrief), Presented by Kevin. 
  8. Borenstein and Bushnell (1999) “An Empirical Analysis of the Potential for Market Power in California’s Electricity Industry”, Journal of Industrial Economics Vol XLVII(3) (JIE99CournotPresented by Dipro 
  9. Promedica Hospital Merger (111227promedicacmpt)
  10. Evanston Northwestern Hospital Merger Remedy (evanston-northwestern-commopiniononremedy evanston_northwestern_ar).
  11. ATT – Direct TV Merger (Hard att-directtv-FCC-15-94A1).
  12. Comcast NBC (comcast_nbc_ar), Presented by Matt on November 4th. 
  13. Apple Ebooks Case (ebooks), Presented by Jiang
  14. John Asker (2011) “A Study of the Internal Organization of a Bidding Cartel” American Economic Review. (Hard – stamps070628), Presented by Chen 
  15. SVENDALBAEK,PETERM0LLGAARDANDPERB. OVERGAAR (1997) “GOVERNMENT-ASSISTED OLIGOPOLY COORDINATION? A CONCRETE CASE” Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol XLV (danish_concrete_cartel). Presented by Faisal
  16. Scott Morton (1997) “Entry and Predation: British Shipping Cartels 1879–1929” Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Vol 6(4). (entry_predation_shipping_cartel), Presented by Omar
  17. Sutton, John (1990) “The Evolution of Advertising Intensive Industries” Chapter 8 (sutton_advertising) presented by Usman