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Club EvMed is a web series launched in April 2020 to keep the evolutionary medicine community connected during a time of pandemic-related social distancing. These regularly-held virtual meetings are styled around the idea of a journal club, with a different topic and discussion leader each time.

Club EvMed is organized by the International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health (ISEMPH) and five evolutionary medicine centers: the Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine (TriCEM), the UCLA Evolutionary Medicine Interdisciplinary Center, the ASU Center for Evolution and Medicine, the Pittsburgh Center for Evolutionary Biology and Medicine, the University of Zurich Institute of Evolutionary Medicine, the Moffitt Cancer Center, and the Brazilian Evolution and Health Study Group. Speakers are identified by a committee, which is led by Charles Nunn of TriCEM and features input from all of the organizers. Johnny Uelmen (TriCEM) manages the meetings. The steering committee includes:

  • Cynthia Beall (ISEMPH, Case Western Reserve University)
  • Dan Blumstein (UCLA)
  • Joel Brown (Moffitt Cancer Center)
  • Ken Buetow (ASU)
  • Christine Chung (Moffitt Cancer Center)
  • Vaughn Cooper (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Bernie Crespi (Simon Fraser University)
  • Rob Dunn (TriCEM, North Carolina State University)
  • Joseph Graves, Jr. (TriCEM, North Carolina A&T State)
  • Julie Horvath (TriCEM, North Carolina Central University)
  • Jay Labov (ISEMPH, National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine)
  • Andriy Marusyk (Moffitt Cancer Center)
  • Charles Mitchell (TriCEM, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • Barbara Natterson-Horowitz (ISEMPH, UCLA)
  • Randy Nesse (ISEMPH, ASU)
  • Damon Reed (Moffitt Cancer Center)
  • Michael Reiskind (TriCEM, North Carolina State University)
  • Frank Rühli (ISEMPH, University of Zurich Institute of Evolutionary Medicine)
  • Chris Whelan (Moffitt Cancer Center)
  • Lukas Blumrich (Brazilian Evolution and Health Study Group)

All are welcome to attend Club EvMed! If you’re interested in evolutionary medicine, we also recommend engaging with ISEMPH by joining as a member or as a newsletter subscriber, which can be done here.