If I had to describe my learning experiences in Italian 203, it would be a roller-coaster ride. Like a roller coaster has to work harder when facing resistance, I had to work harder when facing challenges in the classroom.

It was clear that the meaning of Italian 101 and 102 was to build a foundation of the language. Although we continued to review and learn new grammar, the focus was primarily on asking ourselves the why,not the how. Therefore, there was less emphasis on memorizing the grammar, and more on knowing it. In Italian 203, it was about applying what we have learned to everyday situations. We were put in situations that we deal with on a regular basis, and we tested our abilities to converse to each other. At the same time, we were able to compare and differentiate the American and Italian culture in many ways. For instance, the interview with Gea Bozzi gave me a better understanding of food culture in Italy; I realized that Italians eat for pleasure, while Americans eat for necessity. Nevertheless, exposing myself in front of the camera and my classmate, gave me more motivation to practice speaking Italian outside of the classroom.

The most challenging aspects of Italian 203, was having to speak Italian much more frequently. Not only did I have to create video blogs and speak into the camera, but I also had to confidently present in front of my class mates. However, these challenges made me a stronger student of Italian. I was able to understand and be more appreciative of the Italian culture, especially when comparing the American and Italian food culture. The Italian culture behind filmmaking with my classmates allowed me to build relationships, but also build these relationships in an Italian setting. The vocabulary exercises gave me the ability to correctly converse with my classmates when pursuing projects together. In addition, Oscar Night was a special time because I was able to see other classes participate in the film and meet new people in the Italian community.

All in all, my journey in Italian 203 was memorable. I did have challenges. However, sometimes I was able to grasp Italian concepts easier than others. My struggle in Italian 203 not only made me humbler, but it also made me a better person outside the classroom. It taught me to never give up, no matter how discouraged I got. It taught me that sometimes there will be things in life that take longer for me to understand, but I will eventually understand it. My experiences in creating video blogs, presenting in front of my class, and completing oral exams, helped me in ways that I will take with me after college. The same experiences have also given me a better understanding of the beautiful Italian culture, where I can compare it to the culture I was raised in.

My transition from 102 to 203 was difficult, but I enjoyed every moment of it. I have to thank my professor, Lauara Bilanceri, and my tutor, Cristina Carnemolla, for helping me become a better Italian student.