Fall Semester of 2018

September 25 – Mira Beth Wasserman, Jews, Gentiles, and Other Animals: The Talmud After the Humanities (Penn, 2017).


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The Center for Late Ancient Studies sponsors several activities, including a reading group in which faculty and graduate students convene to discuss recent releases in the world of late ancient scholarship.  Participants come from a variety of backgrounds, including classics, ancient and medieval history, art & archaeology, Judaic studies, Islam, Early Christianity, and others.

Information about meeting dates and readings is posted here throughout the academic year.  If you would like to join the group’s mailing list, attend, or suggest readings, please contact the list administrator.

Past Readings

Spring 2018


  • September 15 – Andrew S. Jacobs’ Epiphanius of Cyprus: A Cultural Biography of Late Antiquity (University of California Press, 2016).
  • October 26 – Kyle Smith’s Constantine and the Captive Christians of Persia (University of California Press, 2016).
  • December 6 – Julia Hillner’s Prison, Punishment and Penance in Late Antiquity (Cambridge University Press, 2015).
  • January 25 – Todd S. Berzon’s Classifying Christians: Ethnography, Heresiology, and the Limits of Knowledge in Late Antiquity (University of California Press, 2016).
  • February 20 – Heidi Wendt’s At the Temple Gates: The Religion of Freelance Experts in the Roman Empire (Oxford Press, 2016).
  • March 21 – Rachel Neis’s The Sense of Sight in Rabbinic Culture: Jewish Ways of Seeing in Late Antiquity (Cambridge University Press, 2013).
  • September 14th – Richard L. Kalmin’s Migrating Tales: The Talmud’s Narratives and their Historical Context  (University of California Press, 2014)
  • October 12th – Essays from Religious Competition in the Greco-Roman World edited by Nathaniel P. DesRosiers and Lily C. Vuong (SBL Press, 2016).
  • November 28th – Noel Lenski’s Constantine and the Cities: Imperial Authority and Civic Politics (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016)


  • September 24 – Essays from the recent collection edited by Catherine M. Chin and Moulie Vidas Late Ancient Knowing: Explorations in Intellectual History (University of California Press, 2015).
  • October 26 –  Select chapters from Michael Philip Penn’s Envisioning Islam: Syriac Christians and the Early Muslim World (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015).
  • November 12 – Select chapters from Dayna Kalleres’ City of Demons: Violence, Ritual, and Christian Power in Late Antiquity (University of California Press, 2015).
  • January 20 – Select chapters from Chris L. de Wet’s Preaching Bondage: John Chrysostom and the Discourse of Slavery in Early Christianity (University of California Press, 2015).
  • February 22 – Select chapters from Scott Fitzgerald Johnson’s Literary Territories: Cartographical Thinking in Late Antiquity (Oxford University Press, 2016).
  • March 30 – Select chapters from Heidi Marx-Wolf’s new work Spiritual Taxonomies and Ritual Authority: Plutonists, Priests, and Gnostics in Third Century CE (University of Penn Press, 2016).
  • April 13 – Essays from a collection edited by C. Laes, K. Mustakallio and V. Vuolanto Children and Family in Late Antiquity: Life, Death, and Interaction (Peeters, 2015).

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