Fall 2019 EAC-CLAS Lectures

  • September 25, 5:30pm – Dennis Trout (University of Missouri)
  • October 21, 5:30pm – James Redfield (Saint Louis University), “Stranger than Fiction: Talmudic Paradoxography”
  • November 14, 5:30pm – Maria Doerfler (Yale University)


Spring 2019 EAC-CLAS Lectures

  • January 22, 5:30pm – Thomas Arentzen (University of Oslo), “Between Abjection and Seduction: Adventures in Late Ancient Holy Week”
  • February 21, 5:30pm – Niki Clements (Rice University), “Foucault the Confessor”

Fall 2018 EAC-CLAS Lectures

  • October 11, 5:30pm – Andrew Jacobs (Scripps College), “Gender, Conversion, and the End of Empire in The Teaching of Jacob, Newly Baptized.
  • October 22 (@ UNC) – Jan Bremmer (University of Groningen), “Eucharist and Agapê in the Later Second Century: the Case of the Older Apocryphal Acts and the Pagan Novel”
  • November 29 – Nicola Denzey Lewis (Claremont Graduate University), “Rewiring the Sacred Circuit: Damasus and the Depositio martyrum

Spring 2018 CLAS Lectures

  • January 25 – Gary Vikan – “The Shroud of Turin: A Journey of Discovery”
  • February 1 – Noel Lenski (Yale University) – “Roman Refugees: Settling Extra-Territorial Peoples Inside a World Empire”

2016-2017 CLAS Lectures

  • September 19 – Clare K. Rothschild (Lewis University and Stellenbosch University) “The Muratorian Fragment as Fraud”
  • October 14 – Susan Stevens (Randolph College) “Incorporating Christian communities in North Africa.  Churches as bodies of communal history” – Inaugural Maureen Tilley Memorial Lecture
  • November 3 – Karl Shuve (UVA) “The Valentinians and the Transformation of the Nuptial Metaphor in Early Christianity”
  • March 2 – Zsuzsanna Gulácsi (Northern Arizona University) “Tatian’s Diatessaron and the New Testament Scenes of the St. Augustine Gospels in the collection of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge”
  • April 4 – Rachel Neis (University of Michigan) “Reproduction, Hybridity, and the Question of Species in Classical Rabbinic Thought”
  • September 12 – Lynda Coon (University of Arkansas) “Gender and Our Dark Age Lord”
  • October 25 – Christine Shepardson (University of Tennessee) – “Hell of a Wrong Eucharist: Ritual Distinction and Community Identity in 6th Century Syriac Christianity”

2015-2016 CLAS Lectures 

  • September 14 – Jordan Pickett (University of Michigan) “Riot at the Baths Murder at the Fountains”
  • October 9 – David Frankfurter (Boston University) “Christianizing the Egyptian Religious Landscape”
  • October 29 – Douglas Boin (St. Louis University) “History ‘as it really was’?: The Material Turn and the Rise of Christianity”
  • November 10 – Warren Smith (Duke University Divinity School) “Gregory of Nyssa and the New Idolatry”
  • February 24 – Scott F. Johnson (University of Oklahoma) “‘The Stone the Builders Rejected’: Liturgical and Exegetical Irrelevancies in the Piacenza Pilgrim”
  • March 8 – Benjamin Dunning  (Fordham University) “John Chrysostom and Same-Sex Eros in the History of Sexuality”


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