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Streaming Media in the Classroom

Film Librarian Danette Pachtner will demonstrate ways to bring video into the classroom using the Libraries’ streaming media resources, and Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology Rebecca Stein will share her experiences with using Films on Demand in the classroom.  Learn about ways that you may use these sources to enhance your research and teaching.

Mapping Self Identity

Merrill Shatzman; Art, Art History and Visual Studies

Using maps, visual symbols, typography, design and drawing, students in my ARTSVIS 169S : Mapping Self Identity course have created images that explore the use of digital media in combination with the fine art of silkscreen. By applying information gained through tutorial videos made to lead them through this unique intermixing of digital and analog processes, my students have created multiple responses to the concept of self-identity. Student projects included the creation of memory, route, historical, conceptual and contemporary maps, charting family traditions and oral history through mapping, by using these ideas as a point of departure in their creation of works of art. With digital prints, silkscreen prints and an artist book documenting their artistic and conceptual processes being the outcome of their visual discoveries, my presentation will explain their unique analog/digital journey, showing the interaction between these art making approaches and the resulting images.

Video Capture Development for Aid in Understanding Problem Solving in General and Organic Chemistry

Christopher Roy, Chemistry

Using new technology, the Livescribe Pulse Pen, we have developed a series of video captures with voice over that diagrams the steps involved in solving chemistry problems and helps students to see and hear how a wide variety of chemistry problems are solved. This technology can easily be applied to a variety of disciplines, such as mathematics, physics, etc.

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