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Virtual Duke – ISIS Mapping 2.0

Victoria Szabo, ISIS

Previous ISIS Capstone projects have included the original interactive Duke map, 3D models of some of East Campus, and a Duke Global Health/WISER project on multimedia mapping. This year we are building on prior work and expertise and focusing closer to home to create a rich virtual presence for Duke in Google Earth. Our students are modeling key buildings and surrounding areas, mashing up new and existing media elements into rich annotation layers, and creating online tours to be embedded in an interactive website. Developed in consultation with Admissions, ONC, and Facilities, these tours will introduce Virtual Duke to a diverse set of online visitors, and create a sustainable environment for future development in this area.

[CourseCast slides] [CourseCast video 1] [CourseCast video 2]

Technology in the Classroom: Honestly Speaking as a Student

Jennifer Kim, Graduating Senior
Do you use technology in class? Probably. It is a hot trend, but the growing pressure to integrate technology with lesson plans can lead to superfluous uses of technology, leaving students and professors frustrated. On the other hand, some professors have meaningfully taken learning beyond the classroom. Jennifer will share her student perspective and discuss different cases of classroom technology use, and factors that made them successful or unsuccessful, so that faculty can take these lessons into the classroom.

Using Technology to Help students in a Large Class

Kate Scholberg, Physics

Dr. Scholberg teaches a large basic physics course to non physics majors.  To engage the students, she uses clickers (PRS), in class demonstrations, and online minute papers.  To extend learning outside the classroom, she creates short videos of problems solved for the students, and uses the student minute papers to create FAQs after each class.  She’ll show how she creates videos and will talk about her experiences in teaching the large class.

[CourseCast recording]

Video Capture Development for Aid in Understanding Problem Solving in General and Organic Chemistry

Christopher Roy, Chemistry

Using new technology, the Livescribe Pulse Pen, we have developed a series of video captures with voice over that diagrams the steps involved in solving chemistry problems and helps students to see and hear how a wide variety of chemistry problems are solved. This technology can easily be applied to a variety of disciplines, such as mathematics, physics, etc.

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