What is Epigenetics: “Marijuana Use May Epigenetically Impact Sperm Health”

From What is Epigenetics:

According to a recent study out of Duke Health, heavy marijuana use may epigenetically alter a man’s sperm, and could potentially affect the children they conceive. As we know, a father’s exposure to phthalates as well as past traumadiet, and nicotine use can epigenetically alter his sperm, but it turns out that increased exposure to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana, can cause changes in structure and regulation of the DNA in sperm.

In this study published in Epigenetics, the research team led by Dr. Susan K. Murphy focused their efforts on determining the epigenetic effect that THC may have on the regulation of DNA methylation in two major cellular pathways: Hippo Signaling, and Pathways in Cancer, both of which are crucial to normal human development.