We are holding a biweekly journal club on topics in systems immunology to review and learn papers. The journal club will be on every other Thursdays from 12-1 pm, alternating with the Immunology for Quants seminars. For any questions or request to join, please contact Dylan Yang hy140@duke.edu.

6/4/202012 - 1 pmSystems Serology for Evaluation of HIV Vaccine TrialsCliburn Chan
6/18/202012 - 1 pmSimultaneous Evaluation of the Magnitude and Breadth of a Left and Right Censored Multivariate Response, With Application to HIV Vaccine DevelopmentRichard Barfield
7/2/202012 - 1 pm
Estimation of the breadth of CD4bs targeting HIV antibodies by molecular modeling and machine learning.
Fan Bu
7/16/202012 - 1 pm How antibodies recognize the surface protein of malaria parasite and what we still need to know (related papers 1,2,3,4)Jonathan Li
8/20/202012 -1 pmUnderstanding UMAP from a Mathematical PerspectiveDena Ho
9/3/202012 - 1 pmEarly exposure to broadly neutralizingantibodies may trigger a dynamical switchfrom progressive disease to lasting control ofSHIV infectionStella Berendam
10/29/202012 - 1 pmStatistical challenges in pseudo-time analysisJason Jislides
12/3/202012 - 1 pmThe Impact of Antibody Biophysical Properties on Antigen Recognition and Fc Effector Functions (related papers 1 ,2)Lindsay Dahoravideo