Weekly presentations on mathematical modeling topics. Meetings are held on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30 pm in Hock Plaza (11th floor, room 11077).

For the foreseeable future, these meetings will be held online. For information on joining please email Cliburn Chan.


2020-02-11HSP90 experiments and anticipated dataRia Goswami
2020-02-25Biology of acute HIV infectionStella Berendam
2020-03-03CMV biology,Jennifer Jenks
2020-03-17CMV data and modelingYishu Gong
2020-03-24RV217 data and statistical inferenceRichard Barfield
2020-03-31RV217 mathematical modelingHang Yang
2020-04-07Yishu Gong
2020-04-14Julian Sass
2020-04-21Hang Yang


Mathematical Modeling Journal Club meets immediately afterwards

2020-05-12Hill, Alison L., et al. "Insight into treatment of HIV infection from viral dynamics models." Immunological reviews 285.1 (2018): 9-25.

Hill, Alison L. "Modeling HIV persistence and cure studies." Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS 13.5 (2018): 428.
2020-05-19Hill, Alison L., et al. "Predicting the outcomes of treatment to eradicate the latent reservoir for HIV-1." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111.37 (2014): 13475-13480.Julian
2020-05-26Conway, Jessica M., Alan S. Perelson, and Jonathan Z. Li. "Predictions of time to HIV viral rebound following ART suspension that incorporate personal biomarkers." PLoS computational biology 15.7 (2019): e1007229.Ellie
2020-06-02Fang, Yun, Hulin Wu, and Li-Xing Zhu. "A two-stage estimation method for random coefficient differential equation models with application to longitudinal HIV dynamic data." Statistica Sinica 21.3 (2011): 1145.Dylan
2020-06-16Conway, Jessica M., and Daniel Coombs. "A stochastic model of latently infected cell reactivation and viral blip generation in treated HIV patients." PLoS computational biology 7.4 (2011).Achal
2020-06-23Wang, Rui, et al. "A flexible nonlinear mixed effects model for HIV viral load rebound after treatment interruption." Statistics in Medicine (2020).Richard