Weekly presentations on bioinformatics topics. Meetings are held on Mondays from 1:30-2:30 pm in Hock Plaza (11th floor, room 11025). If you are an immunology graduate student, postdoc or researcher and wish to contribute/teach a session, please contact us!

2020-02-24Bulk RNA-Seq Analysis (part 1)Josh Granek
2020-03-02Bulk RNA-Seq Analysis (part 2)
Josh Granek
2020-03-09Adjuvant RNA-Seq Research Results
Dylan Yang
2020-03-163rd Generation SequencingJosh Granek
2020-03-23Single Cell Analysis Pipeline
Dylan Yang
2020-03-30CHSI DCC Node DiscussionAll
2020-04-06DCC/SLURM IntroductionTom Milledge
2020-04-13TCR-Seq, Part 1 (bulk)
TCR-Seq, Part2 (single cell TCR-seq analysis)
Dylan Yang
2020-04-20De Novo Assembly and 3rd Generation Sequencing
Josh Granek
2020-04-27Image Processing of Microfluidics Elliott Sorelle
2020-05-04Using Rstudio and Jupyter through SLURMJosh Granek
2020-05-11BLI and SPRJonathan Li
2020-05-18ELISA, BAMA, and Peptide MicroarraysLindsay Dahora & Shaunna Shen
2020-05-25Memorial HolidayN/A
2020-06-01Miscellaneous Flow AssaysCesar Lopez Angel & Derrick Goodman