Mission Statement

The Center for Human Systems Immunology is aligned with the overall scope of the Translating Duke Health Initiative to advance understanding of human immunity. New discoveries will be focused on leveraging human immunity to improve health in response to infection, trauma, cancer, autoimmunity, and transplant. The Center will focus on cross-cutting functional areas: immune function and repertoire analyses, immuno-genomics, immuno-biological imaging, and technical themes of analyzing complex assays, inference based on immunogenomics, host-pathogen dynamics, and predictive modeling of outcomes.

Our mission is to:

  • Accelerate cutting-edge and transformative research in human immunology to develop effective immune health solutions for infection, trauma, cancer and transplant with approaches focused on maintaining human immune homeostasis.
  • Build a vibrant interdisciplinary research community of basic, clinical and quantitative scientists working together to accelerate translatable discoveries in the field of human immunology and to cross-train future scientific leaders.
  • Educate the next generation of interdisciplinary immunology researchers.

The successful cultivation of a critical mass of engaged quantitative experts will provide a compelling competitive advantage for immunology research at Duke and help establish Duke as a globally recognized leader in integrative immunology research.