Month: December 2019

Next Seminar on Dec 12th: Strangers & Danger – Innate Immunity

The next seminar in the Immunology for Quants series will be on December 12th, 2019 and presented by Dr. Cliburn Chan. The seminar will be held at Hock Plaza in classroom 11025 between noon and 1pm.

In the first seminar, we saw how the immune system consists of barrier, innate and adaptive defenses. In this seminar, we take a deeper dive into the innate immune system. Once seen by many immunologists as “boring”, the innate immune system is now known to evaluate threats, formulate strategy and generally direct the adaptive response of T and B cells. Modern immunology begins with an understanding of how the innate immune system senses and responds to strangers and danger.

The Immunology for Quants talks are biweekly, informal seminars that are designed to introduce immunology and immune-related diseases to non-immunologists. Topics are generally self-contained and questions during the seminar are encouraged, so it is not strictly necessary (but recommended) to attend them in sequence. Seminars are held on Thursdays from 12-1 pm.

Upcoming Quantitative Workshops for HIV/AIDS

The 3rd series of workshops for Quantitative Methods for HIV Researches is now open for registration! These workshops will be held between January and April of 2020, and explain how data is generated from the target platform, processing of the raw data, and downstream analysis and visualization.

These workshops are free, funded by NIAID with support from the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics and the Duke Center for AIDS Research. While HIV/AIDS researchers will be given priority, the workshops are open to everyone. To register for a workshop, see this link.

Here are the topics and dates for the upcoming workshops:

Date Topic
1/16/2020 Intro to HTS/RNA-Seq
1/31/2020 Intro to Statistical Downstream Analysis of RNA-Seq Data
2/13/2020 Microbiome analysis
2/21/2020 Single-cell Analysis
3/6/2020 Analysis of antibody assays
4/3/2020 Analysis of neuro-imaging data

TDH Funding Opportunities

Translating Duke Health (TDH) is one of the signature programs animating Advancing Health Together, our Duke Health Strategic Planning Framework. This year, TDH is funding proposals for innovative approaches combining computational techniques and immunology research. Up to three one-year awards of up to $100,000 in total costs will be funded. Application details are at Translating Duke Health Pilot Project Grants in Immunology. Proposals must be received by 5 PM EST, February 17, 2020.

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