Your Questions About Sexual Misconduct Answered: Q&A Session with the Experts

As graduate and professional students we are put in a unique position regarding sexual misconduct, distinct from both the undergraduates and the staff and faculty. Some instances can be handled internally whereas others may be best suited externally. How might you deal with sexual misconduct in your department or in your personal life? What are your resources, options, and the various pros and cons? This Q&A panel and discussion session is intended to answer your questions — those you have and those you may not realize you have — about your options and areas of concern regarding sexual misconduct within your campus life, personal life, or both.

Our panelists are
– Victoria Krebs, Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Outreach and Response at Duke
– Janice Humphreys, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Nursing with expertise in women’s health and interest in intimate partner violence, PTSD, and lifetime trauma exposure among others
– Kate Selby, Sexual Assault Services Coordinator at the Durham Crisis Response Center

What: Your Questions About Sexual Misconduct Answered: Q&A Session with the Experts
When: Monday, February 22, 5 pm
Where: LSRC A247
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All graduate and professional students from all departments are welcome! Feel free to share this event with others who would benefit.

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