Editor Applications!!!

photo by: kristin oakley

So, editor applications are now available. Feel free to download and send it in to me (Kristin) before Monday at noon. Also, first meeting is coming up on Monday at 8:30pm in the UPB office!

Chanticleer Editor Application

Descriptions of all positions follow:

Events: In charge of managing photographers for events throughout the year. Will keep track of calendar of events for all groups on campus.

University: Responsible for photography such as submissions for study abroad and DukeEngage, as well as speakers throughout the year and faculty nominations for faculty spotlights.

Prologue/Epilogue: In charge of compiling best photography of the year into the prologue/epilogue sections for the books at the end of the year. These sections are like photo essays of the staff’s best work. Layout/design skills preferred, but not necessary.

People: Responsible for Senior section and arranging senior portraits. Arranges dorm, SLG, greek life photos as well as submissions for senior candids.

Layout: Responsible for layouts decided for book, cover design possibilities submitted by staff members. Suggests theme, fonts, and layout basics for staff vote. First round of proofs and edits are done by Layout Editor. Layout/design experience necessary.

P.S. This photo has no relevance, it was just on my computer and I think it’s pretty.

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