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What we do

The research in Dr. Neacsiu's lab focuses on developing novel treatments and improving existing psychotherapies for transdiagnostic difficulties with emotions using affective neuroscience, neuro-modulation, psychophysiology and mobile technology.


Cognitive Behavioral Research and Therapy Program

Center for Misophonia and Emotion Regulation

Behavioral Tech



Check back here for updates about our lab!

8/1/2023 We are looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow to join the lab! See posting on Duke HR site and to apply here. You may also email Dr. Neacsiu at andrada.neacsiu@duke.edu

1/2023 — Congratulations to Dr. Neacsiu for being awarded “Neurostimulation Enhanced Cognitive Restructuring for Transdiagnostic Emotional Dysregulation: A Component Analysis” R01MH129302-01 NIMH grant.

09/2019 – congratulations to Dr. Neacsiu for being awarded a REAM Misophonia grant! We are excited to begin working on this study soon!

09/2019 — welcome Carolyn, Sree, Grace, and Gloria to the lab!

08/2019 – Over 70 people attended Dr. Neacsiu’s training on suicide risk assessment and management in Rocky Mount, NC. A wonderful group who help so many!

07/2019 – congratulations to Dr. Neacsiu for being awarded the Duke SOM Core Voucher to pilot a novel intervention in adults with opiate use disorders!

06/2019 — congratulations to Jeffrey Xu and Brittany Thomas for graduating! They have contributing an astounding amount to the lab and we all wish them well in their next chapter.