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What we do

The research in Dr. Neacsiu's lab focuses on developing novel treatments and improving existing psychotherapies for transdiagnostic difficulties with emotions using affective neuroscience, neuro-modulation, psychophysiology and mobile technology.


Cognitive Behavioral Research and Therapy Program

Center for Misophonia and Emotion Regulation

Behavioral Tech


Contact us

Dr. Andrada D. Neacsiu
Email: andrada.neacsiu@duke.edu
Phone: (919) 684-6714
Fax: (919) 681-7347
2400 Pratt Street, North Pavilion6th Floor
Durham, NC 27705
Mail: DUMC Box 102505 Durham, NC 27710

If you are interested in participating in research studies, you may email Zoe Brasher, Clinical Research Coordinator, at zoe.brasher@duke.edu