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The research in Dr. Neacsiu's lab focuses on developing novel treatments and improving existing psychotherapies for transdiagnostic difficulties with emotions using affective neuroscience, neuro-modulation, psychophysiology and mobile technology.


Cognitive Behavioral Research and Therapy Program

Center for Misophonia and Emotion Regulation

Behavioral Tech


About Us

  The research in the ChANT Lab aims to better characterize emotional dysregulation across mental health disorders and to understand the mechanisms of change in psychotherapies in order to develop the next generation of psychosocial interventions. A key aspect of our work is harnessing affective neuroscience, learning theory and advanced technologies in order to translate basic findings into novel interventions. We aim to create trans diagnostic solutions, that transcend specific diagnoses and that can help those at all levels of mental health impairment. Our long term goal is to find interventions that can reach the under-resourced and underserved populations who currently receive limited mental health treatments. If you are interested in helping us reach these goals, consider participating in one of our active research studies or contact us if you would like to be considered for upcoming projects.

Dr. Neacsiu also has an active clinical training and education mission that complements the research agenda. Broadly, our training goals are to disseminate the most up to date evidence and interventions to the community and to ensure high fidelity implementation of existing treatments for underserved populations. If you are interested in clinical training, see what we have upcoming as well as contact us if there is a training need that we could fill.

We are currently looking to hire a Postdoctoral Associate! See job post here!