The Center for French and Francophone Studies

Media Fellows

Every spring semester, a CFFS sponsored journalist comes to campus to participate in the Media Fellows program at the DeWitt Center for Media and Democracy in the School of Public Policy. Over several weeks, they participate in seminars, and work with our students and faculty on pressing social and political issues, as well as those that feed our critical imaginations day in day out.  Since 2000, journalists based in Paris, Tunis, Port-au-Prince, Dakar, and New York have presented their activities and writing on a variety of topics, including the Rwanda genocide, contemporary fiction and non-fiction, the Haitian earthquake, the Constitutional debate in Tunisia, journalists taken hostage in Iraq and other war zones, homelessness and economic inequality, 9/11 in a global context, “Franceafrique.”

Check back in early 2015 for the announcement of our next Francophone Media Fellow.

For details of individual journalists-media fellows of previous years, consult the site:

as well as the CFFS rubric, “Past Events”.

A special program made possible through support from the Provost and the Dean of the Humanities


 Media Fellows 2000-2014

2014     Olfa Riahi – Independent journalist, Tunis, Tunisia

2013     Frantz Duval – Editor, Le Nouvelliste, Port Au Prince

2012     Philippe Bernard, International Correspondent, Le Monde, Paris

2009     Michel Moutot – Security/Terrorism Correspondent,  Agence France Presse, Paris

Philippe Lancon – Reporter/Critic, Libération, Paris

2008    Vincent Hugeux – Foreign Reporter, L’Express, Paris

2007    Hervé Kempf – Environmental Editor, Le Monde, Paris

2006    Christian Chesnot – Middle East Correspondent, Radio France, Paris

2005     Dominique Roch, Jerusalem Bureau Chief, Radio France, Paris

Stephen Smith – Africa Chief Editor, Le Monde, Paris

2003     Hélène Hadas-Lebel – Producer, France 5 TV, Paris

2001     Michel Kajman – Editor, Le Monde, Paris

Fabrice Rousselot –U.S. Correspondent, Libération, Paris

Jérôme Godefroy – U.S. Correspondent, RTL, Paris