The Center for French and Francophone Studies

Christophe Boltanski presents “La Cache”

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 5pm / FHI – Smith Ware house – Bay 5

Bilingual presentation and discussion of Christophe Boltanski’s La Cache, with his American translator Laura Marris. A reception will follow.


Christophe Boltanski is known as a new, significant voice in the genre of the “true novel.” His book, La Cache  [The Safe House], is a remarkable first-person narrative, a family saga, and an original twist on the memoir of anti-semitism in Vichy France — across generations.  Figures in the novel include artist Christian Boltanski whose pieces are on exhibit in the Nasher Museum, and Luc Boltanski, the sociologist. In 2015, the novel won major literary prizes in France, the Prix Fémina and le Prix des prix littéraires.

Boltanski will present and discuss his novel in tandem with his American translator, Laura Marris. Her translation will appear with University of Chicago Press in 2017.

Laura Marris lectures in creative writing at Boston University. Her other translation projects include Louis Guilloux’s Le Sang noir [Blood Dark], as well as the poetry of Duke’s own Paol Keineg, Abalamour : Because or Down with Love.


Please find a little foretaste here, with Philip Nord’s review on H-France.

You can also look at Christian Boltanski’s “Monument Canada”, which was at the Nasher Museum in June. Christian Boltanski is one of the figures of “La Cache”.