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L’Après 1er tour:  — Stakes & Consequences An Open House Discussion on the French Elections Monday, April 24, 12:30- 2  pm, FSP

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As we head into the last week of classes, millions of voters have gone to the polls in France on Sunday.  The first round of the presidential election marks another major test in the rise of the far Right world wide, of nationalist populism, another challenge to Europe in a global framework.

Emmanuel Macron – Marine LePen. An unprecedented face-off between 2 candidates who have upended the dominant political culture of the French Republic. Neither represents a major political party who has shared power over the last generations, neither the Socialist Left still at the helm of government, nor the center or traditional Right, in the Gaullist tradition.

Macron, an untested, pro-Europe libéral who launched his own movement, En Marche vs. a racist, anti-immigration, anti-Europe extreme nationalist from the far Right Front National.

Concerned about the voting results, for Europe, for Trump’s America, and the wider world? And over-committed at the end of the semester?

The Center for French and Francophone Studies is offering a drop-in, informal discussion hosted by the Forum for Scholars and Publics on Monday, April 24,  12:30-2 pm, Old Chem 011, West Campus.

An open forum for those who would like to gather to talk about the first round.  Instead of a round Table with designated speakers, a chance to exchange thoughts.

Cookies and refreshments available.



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