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April 7th, 2017 | Posted by in Uncategorized

Thanks to Marc Albertsen, Nicole Kiprilov, and Noah Youkelis, we are lucky to have – now  – on campus a new undergraduate association of francophones.

 Duke Francophone Society (DFS) aims to promote and expand the Francophone culture on campus and serve as a bridge between the Duke University community and the Francophone world. DFS plans to hold themed events—such as movie screenings, culinary tastings, and general social events that foster the francophone culture! Additionally, the group also plans to invite distinguished and accomplished individuals to participate in an upcoming Speaker Series. These presentations will revolve around francophone related topics and expose francophone perspectives. In the long-run, DFS endeavors to create a reliable network of individuals who share a passion for various francophone cultures.


This group is already in high gear, organizing a number of events, dinners, and speaker series this semester, including with Patrick Charbonneau (Chemistry), John Martin (History), and this coming week a dinner with Philippe Lançon, literary critics, writer, and honorary member of the Dept. of Romance Studies, and artist – dessinatrice, Catherine Meurisse. For details of this dinner see their Facebook page:

Châpeau Marc, Nicole, et Noah ~ 


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