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Corbin Treacy on Kamel Daoud & Boualem Sansal

March 29th, 2017 | Posted by in Uncategorized


This Friday, March 31, we welcome our colleague from Florida State.  Prof Treacy  will talk on contemporary Algerian literature, on two controversial figures and their novels :  Daoud’s Meursault, contre-enquête (2013), a retelling of Camus’s L’étranger from the point of view of the murdered Arab’s brother; and Sansal’s 2084: La fin du monde (2015), a post-apocalyptic hellscape  in the vein of Orwell’s 1984. In both Daoud’s and Sansal’s novels, the power of the original—its place of reverence in the canon, its familiarity, its fan base—plays a powerful role in the text’s receptive and critical life.

Corbin Treacy teaches in the Dept. of  Modern Languages and Linguistics  (PhD, Minnesota,2014). His research focuses on the interplay of aesthetics, history, and politics in Maghrebi literature and film, with a particular emphasis on contemporary Algerian cultural production. His book project, The Aesthetics of Aftermath: Algerian Literature and Film in the Twenty-First Century, will be published by Liverpool University Press in 2019.

His visit has been organized by SuzanneLeMen and Camille Chanod in the Romance Studies graduate students’ speakers series in French and Francophone.

3:30-5 pm,  Languages Building 114, West Campus.



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