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Caroline Fourest in late February

February 16th, 2017 | Posted by in Uncategorized

Thursday, Feb 23 Fourest will address a subject that is a favorite at Duke and in North Carolina : a passionate, controversial, and significant debate today.

Her title: “Who is Charlie? The French Model of Freedom of Speech and Secularism”    

She will speak in French and a Q& A session will follow in French and English. 5pm, Perkins Library, 217.

A famous columnist with a taste for polemic, Caroline Fourest is a militant writer on topics dealing with feminism and the separation of church and state in France. She is a co-founder of the journal ProChoix (feminist, anti-racist and secularist). Fourest has written numerous essays on far right politics, fundamentalism and French secularism. Currently, she is a columnist at Marianne and teaches “Multiculturalism vs. Universalism” at Sciences Po in Paris. Her background in journalism spans several well-known journals, radio shows and documentaries. From 2004 to 2009, she worked at Charlie Hebdo, and she also ran a column for five years in Le Monde. Until last year, she was a radio presenter for France Culture, and with the French Parliamentary Channel (LCP), she has produced several documentaries against prejudice. Fourest is also known as an activist. She received several prizes such as the National Prize for secularism, the Political Book Prize, the Jean Zay Prize, the Aron-Condorcet Prize, the Fetkann Prize and the Adrien Duvand Prize from the Political and Moral Sciences Academy. Her latest books Eloge du blasphème (Grasset, 2015) and “Génie de la Laicité”  (Grasset, 2016) have received wide media coverage and try to shed light on the French Republican ideal of secularism.

For an excerpt of “Eloge du blasphème” in English:

Her visit is organized by Prof. Christelle Gonthier.



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