Welcome to the Duke Center for Addiction Science and Technology. CfAST investigators and affiliated faculty are dedicated to improving the lives of people, families and our communities by increasing our understanding of addiction, developing novel interventions to help those most in need, and informing regulators and policy makers. CfAST was founded by its Director, Dr. F. Joseph McClernon in 2015 with the following mission:

To generate new insights into the causes and consequences of addiction and translate those insights into new and more effective prevention and treatment strategies.


Major Research Themes:

Differentiating the Role of Nicotine and Non-nicotine Factors in Tobacco Addiction LEARN MORE

Understanding the Influence of Place and Context in Drug Use and Relapse LEARN MORE

Using Mobile Technologies to Investigate and Treat Addiction LEARN MORE

Develop Novel Approaches to Understanding and Treating Addiction/Mental Illness Comorbidity LEARN MORE 

Tobacco Regulatory and Policy Science LEARN MORE

Decision Science Perspectives on Addiction LEARN MORE


CfAST History:

CfAST grew out of the laboratory of Dr. Joseph McClernon, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine. The Center was formed following the addition of faculty at the Assistant Professor level in 2014 and 2015, increasing collaboration with faculty at Duke and beyond, and with an increasing focus on substance dependence and addictive disorders beyond cigarette addiction. The formation of CfAST also recognizes the increasing development of projects focused on intervention using state-of-the-art mobile health and neurostimulation technologies; and an increasing focus on regulatory and policy science.