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Video of Joseph Chan and David Wong on Confucianism and Modern Political Thought

As part of the conversation series “The Liberal Imaginary and Beyond” from the Center on Modernity in Transition. Joseph Chan (University of Hong Kong) and David Wong (Duke) consider the role that Confucianism might play in expanding the possibilities of contemporary political thought and in resolving the various crises that confront humanity. Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHITKO7M0Eg&t=412s.

David B. Wong gives five lectures (virtual) to National Chengchi University

In May 2021 David B. Wong is delivering five virtual lectures on “Metaphor and Analogy in Chinese Thought on the website of the National Chengchi University, Taiwan. See the website for abstracts of the lectures plus video recordings of  audio and video recordings of the lectures. In addition there will be an online workshop on the lectures and other portions of David Wong’s work on the evening of May 17 (correction, initially the date was wrongly identified as May 18, the correct day and time is Monday May 17, 8-11pm (EDT) and the morning of May 19 8-10:30am (EDT).

The conference will convene entirely online,
the link (Google Meeting) will be sent to applicant
before the event.

E-Mail: nccuccs@gmail.com

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