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[CCP Workshop] Empathy Beyond the Near and Dear

The Center for Comparative Philosophy Workshop

Empathy Beyond the Near and Dear: 

A Study on Mencian Moral Cultivation and a Response to Prinz

Time: 12:00 – 13:30 Thursday 30th March

Location: West Duke 204

Main Speaker: Jing Hu 
Jing Hu is an instructor of philosophy at Seattle University
* Lunch will be provided.
Abstract: Empathy is an essential moral emotion with many celebrated functions; it is also viewed as an emotion that hinders our ability to be non-biased moral agents by some philosophers. In this presentation, I aim to defend the value of empathy in morality. I do so by responding to the classic criticism that has recently been put forth systematically by Prinz: empathy is highly selective and it is biased towards the near and dear. I argue that empathy can not only go beyond the near and dear but also help one to perceive some of the less common objects as if they are near and dear. I do so with the help from Mencius.

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