Identifying a Mentor

Mentors should be regular rank faculty from Duke University and/or Duke University Medical Center. Each mentor must have evidence of a significant interest in aging/life course and a strong record of publication/funding in these areas.

The list below is only a partial roster of faculty available to serve as mentors for the Duke Aging Center’s T32. You can also explore the Center’s Senior Fellows Directory and the Scholars@Duke research directory.  (Note: On the Scholars@Duke page, find the box below EXPLORE, and enter key words from your research area. Be sure to include “aging” to receive the most applicable results.)

We encourage team mentorship, so feel free to propose 1-3 mentors to best suit your research interests and training goals.

You can click on each program faculty member’s name below to view their Scholars@Duke profile.

Behavioral Science and Neuroscience:

Miles Berger, MD, PhD

Roberto Cabeza, Ph.D.

Avshalom Caspi, PhD

Katherine Hall, PhD

Scott Huettel, PhD

Terrie Moffitt PhD

Guy Potter, PhD

Gregory Samanez-Larkin, PhD

Ilene Siegler, Ph.D.

Jenny Tung, PhD

David J. Madden, Ph.D

David Rubin, Ph.D.

Kathleen A. Welsh-Bohmer, Ph.D.

Redford B. Williams, Jr., M.D.


Biomedical Sciences:

Connie W. Bales, PhD

Harvey J. Cohen, M.D.

Cathleen Colon-Emeric, MD

Kim Huffman, MD, PhD

Kimberly S. Johnson, MD, MHS

Ravi Karra, MD, NMHS

Virginia Kraus, MD, PhD

William E. Kraus, M.D.

James O. McNamara, M.D.

Eleanor S. McConnell, Ph.D., R.N.

Miriam C. Morey, Ph.D.

Tolu Oyesanya, PhD, MS

Kenneth Poss, PhD

Sherri Smith, AuD, PhD

Kathryn Starr, MS, RD, PhD

Anthony Sung, MD

Dennis A. Turner, M.D., M.A.

Purtushiothama Rao Tata, PhD

Gregory Taylor, PhD

Heather Whitson, MD


Social Sciences, Health Services, and Biostatistics:

Janet Prvu Bettger, ScD

Tyson Brown, PhD

Matthew Dupre, PhD

Nicki Hastings, MD

Harold G. Koenig, M.D.

Scott Lynch, PhD

Amy Pastva, PhD

Carl Pieper, DrPH

Duncan Thomas, PhD

Anatoliy I. Yashin, PhD, ScD

Leah Zullig, PhD