Didactic Seminar

All fellows attend a weekly interdisciplinary didactic seminar as a cornerstone of their training experience. Over each two-year period, the seminar covers four topical areas:

  • biomedical aspects of aging,
  • psychology of aging,
  • sociology of aging,
  • and professional practices.

This structure enables the research training program (RTP) to provide highly specialized and individualized training in a fellow’s substantive area while at the same time providing a broad understanding of basic gerontological issues as well. This strategy encourages each developing scientist to relate his/her work to the overall field of aging, and also, on a more practical level, to mix with other scholars and build a network of colleagues and collaborators in gerontology. The cross-fertilization of ideas that occurs in this interdisciplinary framework has, in fact, lead to cross-disciplinary work among fellows and faculty.

Our seminar is attended by the trainees from this and other training programs at Duke and in the area, by visiting scholars to the Aging Center and to the campus, and by faculty associated with the Aging Center. It is a forum for a discussion of gerontological issues from many perspectives.