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Tolu Oyesanya, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor

Duke School of Nursing
Tel: 919-684-5292
Email: tolu.oyesanya@duke.edu

Tolu Oyesanya, PhD, RN is an Assistant Professor at Duke University School of Nursing. She is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison (BS ’11, MS ’12, PhD ’16), and she completed her post-doctoral fellowship in Brain Injury Research at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA.  Her research program centers on care of persons with traumatic brain injury (TBI) across the treatment continuum, as well as support of their family caregivers. Her current research focuses on transitional care needs of patients with TBI and their family caregivers, with an emphasis on improving post-discharge self- and family-management of care. More specifically, she is developing tailored transitional support strategies to meet the needs of aging persons with TBI and aging family caregivers.