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Neema Kapadia Sharda, MD

DUMC Box 3003
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710
Phone: (919) 660-7577
Fax: (919) 684-8569
Email: neema.sharda@duke.edu

My personal experience encouraged my natural inclination towards the geriatrics specialty. As a kid, I spent hours with older adults who worked at my dad’s motel. As I reflected on their battles with their chronic medical conditions, I recognized the importance of respecting their opinions as elders and incorporating their views as part of an effective treatment plan. I continue to appreciate that the role of a geriatrician as an advocate for patients, families, and the medical system. My academic journey has focused on improving the hospital experience of older adults undergoing elective surgery.  Through personalized music, we are working to reduce post-operative pain and anxiety perception – an initiative funded by the Duke Institute for Health Innovations.  Additionally, the Maddox Fellowship is supporting my work at evaluating the utility of inpatient palliative care consults for hospitalized patients with dementia.  Clinically, I am also passionate about post-acute and long term care.  I enjoy the long term relationships built with my patients and their families in this setting.  I’m working with my fabulous mentors on creating educational tools for medical professionals to better understand this arena.   Geriatric medicine has become the perfect vehicle to weave my personal principles into my professional career.