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Jessica J Fulton, PhD

Assistant Director of Training, Psychology Internship Training Program

Durham, VAMC
Phone: (919) 286-0411 x7562
Email: jessica.fulton@va.gov

Dr. Fulton’s clinical interests include rehabilitation, palliative, and end-of life care among aging adults and other underserved populations. She is an attending clinical psychologist in the Community Living Center and the Palliative Care Inpatient and Outpatient Clinics at the Durham VA Medical Center where she provides comprehensive psychological assessment and intervention. She is the Assistant Director of Training for the Durham VA Medical Center Psychology Internship and provides clinical teaching in the areas of geriatric, behavioral medicine, rehabilitation, palliative, and hospice psychological care. Her research interests include health services research and program evaluation and development with an ultimate aim to improve access to mental health services for underserved populations including aging adults and individuals living in rural areas.