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Harvey J. Cohen, MD

harvey-j-cohen-mdDirector of the Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development
Box 3003, Duke University Medical Center
Durham NC, 27710
Phone: (919) 660-7502
Fax: (919) 684-8569
Email: harvey.cohen@duke.edu

Dr. Cohen’s research program involves clinical research exploring overlapping aspects of geriatric assessment, cancer in the elderly and the mechanisms behind age-related functional decline, comorbidities and frailty.

GERIATRIC ASSESSMENT: This part of the program explores the outcomes to be derived from varying approaches to geriatric assessment. Utilizing specifically designed clinical trials we have studied geriatric consultation teams, inpatient geriatric evaluation units and outpatient geriatric clinics. We are particularly interested in functional and quality of life outcomes and also in relationship of such programs to drug prescribing appropriateness and related outcomes. Substantial data from completed studies are available for secondary analyses and prospective studies under consideration.

CANCER: BIOLOGIC BEHAVIOR AND TREATMENT IN THE ELDERLY: This program explores ways that neoplasia differs in clinical presentation, aggressiveness, management and outcome as a function of patient age; and the application of geriatric assessment approach, functional assessment and the use of quality of life measures in diagnosing, designing and evaluating treatment of the elderly cancer patient. Clinical trials of elderly cancer patients are performed with CALGB and local clinical oncology consortium, including pharmacokinetic studies of new agents. Secondary analysis of CALGB data and EPESE cancer and cancer prevention data are available.

BIOLOGIC UNDERPINNINGS OF FRAILTY: Utilizing clinical, functional biologic and demographic data from several epidemiological studies, e.g., EPESE, we are exploring the possible mechanisms by which frailty and its subsequent outcomes develop. The impact of multiple morbidities, physiologic decline and environmental influences on functional status is of particular interest. A major focus is the activation of inflammatory and coagulation pathways in this process. Additional prospective studies are in development.

Representative publications of his work:

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