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Research Participant Registry

The Duke University Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development has, over the years, gained nationwide prominence for its studies on the psychological and biological changes that occur with age. This prominence is in large part due to the willingness of individuals in the community (especially older persons) to participate in the research activities of the Center. We are always interested in finding new study participants of all ages from the community to assist us in our efforts by participating in ongoing research projects. If you would be willing to participate in this work, please submit your name and contact information here: agingcenter@duke.edu

Our Research Participant Coordinator will send you an application so that your name will be kept on file, and from time to time you may be called and asked to take part as a participant in a research study which will be described to you at that time. Filling out the questionnaire in no way obligates you to be in any particular experiment—you are perfectly free to refuse any or all of these requests. Each caller will discuss with you the nature of the study, as well as the time required and the amount of financial reimbursement for your time. All experiments that are conducted in the Aging Center must obtain approval from the Duke Medical Center Institutional Review Board. Your name and any information obtained in the studies in which you take part, will all be kept strictly confidential. You may ask to have your name removed from this listing at any time.

Additional information about the Aging Center’s Research Participant Registry may be found by e-mailing: agingcenter@duke.edu or calling 919-660-7538.