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Diversity Profile: Meet Our Researchers

lisa-gwytherLisa Gwyther
Lisa Gwyther and her team focus on caregiver support for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (research and education programs)




Liza Genao, MD
Dr. Genao’s long term research career goal is to improve the quality of life of older adults with end-stage lung disease (ESLD).



miriam-moreyMiriam Morey, PhD
Dr. Miriam Morey is an expert in clinical exercise programs and improving physical functioning and surgical outcomes for older adults.




yi-zengYi Zeng, PhD
Dr. Zi Yeng is a leading international expert on population healthy aging and elderly health service and policy. He oversees a large database to examine demographic, economic, and social changes and their policy implications in elderly health care needs and socioeconomic development in China.



juliessa-pavonJuliessa Pavon, MD
Dr. Pavon’s goal is to promote the quality care of hospitalized older adults through research leading to better treatment and reduced risk and cost




gerda-fillenbaumGerda Fillenbaum, PhD
Dr. Fillenbaum has three major research interests: epidemiology of dementia, assessment of functional status in the elderly, and pharacoepidemiology




linda-georgeLinda George, PhD
Sociologist Linda George’s research focus has been on social factors and mental and physical illness, social factors and aging, and the organization and delivery of health services.




deborah-goldDeborah Gold, PhD
Dr. Gold focuses her research on the psychosocial consequences of chronic illness in late life.




heather-whitsonHeather Whitson, MD
Dr. Whitson’s overall research goal is to understand and improve outcomes for older adults with multimorbidity and medical complexity.




heidi-whiteHeidi White, MD
Dr. White is an expert in the care of older adults, especially care transitions, long term care, and post-acute care. A particular interest is the nutritional decline and weight loss that often accompanies Alzheimer’s disease.



eleanor-mcconnellEleanor McConnell, PhD
Two overarching aims drive Dr. McConnell’s current research program: (1) How best to design, implement, and evaluate care approaches to improve the quality of life of older adults who have major neurocognitive disorders, and (2) How best to accelerate the process of implementing scientific discoveries in residential long-term care to improve resident outcomes.


cathleen-colon-emericCathleen Colon-Emeric
Dr. Colon-Emeric’s research has focused on finding ways to prevent or interrupt the terrible consequences of fractures in older adults.