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Conflict of Interest

Collaborations between corporate interests and academic medical centers are critical to advancing science. The key to these relationships is putting our patients and academic mission first. One way to help do so is to ensure that potential financial conflicts of interest are managed transparently, proactively and realistically. The annual COI call for disclosures will be issued the first week in March. While the reporting requirements have not changed, a major change is that the limit for “disclosure only” limitations has been increased to $50,000 as summarized below.  Additional details are available on our website.  Your prompt attention to the call for disclosures will be greatly appreciated.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Research Integrity Office at dukecoi@dm.duke.edu or 919-684-3121 with any questions or assistance.

NEW Conflicts of Interest in Research Thresholds for Disclosure and Management:
Financial Interest
(in the Previous 12 Months)
What is Required?
Less than $5,000 in compensation
  • No Disclosure is required
$5,000 – $50,000 in compensation
  • Disclosure; and
  • A Cautionary Memo is issued by RIO regardless of research overlap
  • >$50,000 in compensation
  • Any Private Equity
  • Licensed IP related to research
Human Subject Research

  • Disclosure
  • Compelling Circumstances required to be PI.
  • COI Committee approval required in advance.
  • COI Plan with oversight, usually DSMBplus.
Non-Human Subject Research

  • Disclosure
  • Compelling Circumstances required to be PI
  • COI Committee Chair approval required in advance
  • COI Plan in place (data oversight usually required).