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PALS Study: Physical Performance Across the LifeSpan

The Physical Performance Across the Lifespan (PALS) Study is a collaboration between the Duke Pepper Center and the MURDOCK Study. Briefly, the PALS Study explores dimensions of health, function, behavior, and physiologic characteristics in a cohort of 1,000 adults aged 30-90+, with oversampling across the older decades. The PALS study includes a comprehensive assessment battery at two time-points: baseline and 2-year follow-up, which concluded in 2018.

The PALS Data Use Request Form streamlines requests for PALS data and facilitates communication between investigators and PALS/Pepper leadership. In addition to specifying what information is needed to make a request, a standardized description of the PALS cohort and publication-related details are provided.

[Data Request Form]

The PALS Data Dictionary is a reference for variable names, field types, and field descriptions for the current subsets of PALS data: Baseline questionnaire, Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) test battery, Health Self-assessment questionnaire, Physical performance tests, Two-year follow-up questionnaire, Metabolomics assays, and Accelerometer-derived variables.

[PALS Data Dictionary]

The PALS Codebook is a comprehensive overview of PALS data and associated MURDOCK data, including statistical summaries and graphs. The Codebook also includes an abbreviated version of the PALS data dictionary.

NOTE: The PALS Codebook will be updated as new data become available. Always check the revision date on the Codebook title page to insure you have the most recent reference.

[PALS Codebook]