Languages into which CERAD measures have been translated

LanguageClinical BatteryNeuro-psychological batteryBehavior Rating Scale for DementiaIndividual measures only
Arabic (Egypt)

*Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

Chinese Cantonese
Chinese Mandarin
+ (different Word List)
English sign language+
Estonian (translated from Finnish)+
Finnish sign language+
*French (France, Canada)

French (Luxembourg)

+ (plus additional measures)
Greek (in process)In processIn process
HebrewPartial battery
**Hindi (for rural, illiterate, elderly)+
*Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil)++
SwedishWord List, Vocabulary Fluency
ThaiIn process

NOTE: The modified Boston Naming Test is not uniform across languages, since the items pictured differ in familiarity across different countries. Differences may be substantial, particularly for Finnish, which uses very different outline drawings.

*Some feeling of assurance that the translation is sound, e.g., because of the manner in which the translation was prepared (Arabic for Saudi Arabia vs. Arabic for Egypt vs. Arabic for Oman; French for France and French-speaking Canada; Spanish for Spain and South American countries; Portuguese for Portugal and Brazil); because of the availability of norms or other evaluation (Finland, Germany, Korean, Russian); or because of use in a cross-national study (Italian, Norwegian, and Polish).

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