Languages into which CERAD measures have been translated

LanguageClinical BatteryNeuro-psychological batteryBehavior Rating Scale for DementiaIndividual measures only
Arabic (Egypt)

*Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

Chinese Cantonese
Chinese Mandarin
+ (different Word List)
English sign language+
Estonian (translated from Finnish)+
Finnish sign language+
*French (France, Canada)

French (Luxembourg)

+ (plus additional measures)
Greek (in process)In processIn process
HebrewPartial battery
**Hindi (for rural, illiterate, elderly)+
*Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil)++
SwedishWord List, Vocabulary Fluency
ThaiIn process

NOTE: Please be aware that the CERAD 15-item abbreviation of the Boston Naming test is available only with permission from the copyright holder. Some countries use unique outline (and 3-D) drawings, and the original items differ in familiarity, sometimes substantially, across different countries. CERAD does holds copies of most, but not of all translations.

*Some feeling of assurance that the translation is sound, e.g., because of the manner in which the translation was done (Arabic for Saudi Arabia; French for France and French-speaking Canada; Spanish for Spain and South America; Portuguese for Portugal and Brazil), because of the availability of norms or other evaluation (Finnish, German, Korean, Russian), or because of use in a cross-national study (Italian, Norwegian, Polish).

** For additional information, go to: