Assessment Instruments

The Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer’s Disease (CERAD) developed brief, standardized and reliable procedures for the evaluation and diagnosis of patients with AD and other dementias of the elderly, as well as to gather information on cognitively normal persons, as indicated below.

These procedures include data forms, flipbooks, guidebooks, brochures, instruction manuals and demonstration tapes and disks. The resulting data permit the identification of dementia based on clinical, neuropsychological, behavioral, or neuropathological criteria. The CERAD assessment materials can be used for research purposes as well as for patient care. They are now available for purchase, as is the longitudinal CERAD database.

The CERAD assessment instruments and related materials available for purchase are listed on our Order Form. A table giving the languages into which CERAD materials have been translated is available under Translations. Written inquiries are welcome.

Purchase orders should be accompanied by a brief description of the proposed use of the assessment instruments, the approximate number of subjects to be tested each year as well as plans, if any, for publication. CERAD material purchased by the approved applicant is restricted to his or her use only and must not be sold or redistributed to others without authorization.