Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a Duke undergrad. Am I eligible?

This program is intended to serve non-Duke students, and Duke students should consider other, existing options for undergraduate research, available through the Department.  Although the funding mechanisms and application processes are distinct, Duke and non-Duke SRC participants will share a number of programming events over the summer.

2. Is housing provided?

No.  We can help connect you with potential housing options, but you must pay for housing costs out of your stipend.

3. Aside from research, what activities are part of the program?

The Summer Research in Chemistry program includes a comprehensive Orientation, including an introduction to library and instrumentation resources at Duke. Regular meetings provide views of the underlying fundamentals and the research thrills of scientific careers. During the summer, SRC participants will make brief, informal progress reports and participate in a final poster presentation to which the entire department is invited. Weekly meetings with graduate student mentors and other undergraduates will provide a chance for low-key discussions of science and life over the summer.

Summer Outreach Activities: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Finally, SRC often includes field trips and social gatherings to partners at the nearby GlaxoSmithKline research facility, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), and Research Triangle Institute, a non-profit contract research organization. We also plan an annual trip to a Durham Bulls’ game at the incomparable Durham Bulls’ Athletic Park, and there are several University cookouts, talks, and functions for summer undergraduate research students across the campus.