Join us for an exciting summer of research!  The Duke University Department of Chemistry is pleased to offer a limited number of undergraduate summer research opportunities to highly motivated students through our Summer Research in Chemistry program.  Our mission is to help young scientists identify scientific opportunities that are a good match for their long-term interests, while offering technical and career mentoring to help them realize their goals.  As a participant, your summer activities will be devoted to promoting understanding and technical skill development in the principles of chemical research, working with a team of graduate student and postdoctoral colleagues on problems at the forefront of the molecular sciences. Participants will find interdisciplinary projects that subsume not only the traditional sub-disciplines of chemistry, but also biology and engineering. Our program is a collection of faculty and projects (see link to SRC faculty and project listing on the sidebar). Each opportunity is unique, but most are 10-week, residential research experiences for undergraduates who are majoring in chemistry or a chemistry-related discipline.

Felice Frankel works with summer undergraduates in 2011

The program is based on a four-tiered strategy geared toward promoting undergraduate research and helping to develop a well-trained, motivated, and diverse population of future leaders in chemistry and related disciplines. Our philosophy is:

  • Enlist the participation of enthusiastic young scientists, especially those from traditionally underrepresented groups and students who have not had access to similar opportunities in the past.
  • Engage the students in the research process through active mentoring. Engagement includes not only cutting-edge research projects for program participants, but also participation in seminars and workshops designed to promote ownership and independence in the scientific process.
  • Instruct participants not only in the technical fundamentals of their field of interest, but also in information technologies and communication skills that are critical for successful graduate and professional careers.
  • Inspire participants to continue in the sciences through interactions with leaders in the field, demonstrating examples of the power of chemistry to shape society for the better, and activities that help to develop leadership skills.

At the core of the program, however, remains an unwavering commitment to providing an intensive, bona fide research experience with acclaimed scientists in cutting-edge areas of smart materials research within the chemical sciences.