Find Your Funding on Social Entrepreneur podcast

CASE i3 Director Cathy Clark was recently interviewed on the podcast Social Entrepreneur.  In this interview, Cathy takes the listeners from the theoretical basis of impact investing through a description of CASE Smart Impact Capital, a toolkit that contains short videos, downloadable resources, spreadsheets, and more for the fundraising journey.  You can find the podcast episode Read more about Find Your Funding on Social Entrepreneur podcast[…]

What the Unilever Seventh Generation Acquisition Means for Social Ventures

In impact investing circles, we have long talked about the scarcity of large, financially-rewarding, investor exits. While there have been some financially profitable exits and many enterprises with valuations now well above what investors paid for their stakes, there have been very few exits with deal prices at which pure financial investors take notice. Two Read more about What the Unilever Seventh Generation Acquisition Means for Social Ventures[…]

SOCAP16: Navigating Impact Investing

Given the increasing complexity and diversity of the impact investing market, it can be difficult to navigate for newcomers and current practitioners alike. In this SOCAP16 session, the panel steps back to review the state of play. How far have we come since impact investments were first classified as impact-first or finance-first? Why and where Read more about SOCAP16: Navigating Impact Investing[…]

From Lemonade to Babies: 8 Lessons on How to Talk About Impact Investing

Cathy Clark’s 8-year-old daughter asks her to explain what impact investing is.  Cathy realizes this is a very special communication challenge and a chance to see if she can communicate this topic in a way that truly anyone can understand. Originally posted in B the Change Media.

#SBSI16 Storify Feed

Did you miss the Duke Fuqua Net Impact Sustainable Business and Social Impact Conference on Feb 24? You can follow the best quotes and photos from it here on our storify feed. Check out some clips from closing keynote Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia here.   And below are some quotes from the impact investing Read more about #SBSI16 Storify Feed[…]

Congrats Duke Students!

Congrats Duke students, proud winners of $10,000 first prize Yale Low Carbon Portfolio Case Competition! This post originally appeared on the EDGE blog at Fuqua here. A Duke team took 1st place in the second annual Yale University Low-Carbon Portfolio Case Competition, on Friday, Nov. 13.  The team won $10,000 and automatic entry into the final Read more about Congrats Duke Students![…]

Press: Clark quoted by ImpactAlpha on Wharton Study

WHARTON: GREAT EXPECTATIONS FOR FINANCIAL RETURNS, BUT QUESTIONS ABOUT MISSION PRESERVATION By Dennis Price, ImpactAlpha Impact is in the eye of the beholder, or at least in the eye of the fund manager. A new study on the financial performance of private equity impact investments provides fresh data that suggests at least some segments are indeed Read more about Press: Clark quoted by ImpactAlpha on Wharton Study[…]

Impact Investing in Action: Secrets to Success and Implications for the Future

In this video, Cathy Clark, Director of the CASE Initiative on Impact Investing and Co-Author of The Impact Investor: Lessons in Leadership and Strategy for Collaborative Capitalism, discusses how investors, foundations, public officials, students, and others can engage and succeed in the dynamic and fast-growing field of impact investing. This video is from an event Read more about Impact Investing in Action: Secrets to Success and Implications for the Future[…]