Find Your Funding on Social Entrepreneur podcast

CASE i3 Director Cathy Clark was recently interviewed on the podcast Social Entrepreneur.  In this interview, Cathy takes the listeners from the theoretical basis of impact investing through a description of CASE Smart Impact Capital, a toolkit that contains short videos, downloadable resources, spreadsheets, and more for the fundraising journey.  You can find the podcast episode Read more about Find Your Funding on Social Entrepreneur podcast[…]

Your Guide to Impact Investing

Forbes contributor, Devin Thorpe, explains impact investing for “the rest of us.”  As he says in the article, “Here’s the thing: most impact investments are only open to wealthy people. This is a guide to impact investing for everyone else, the 98 percent of the population who don’t meet the criteria for investing with the Read more about Your Guide to Impact Investing[…]

Impact Investing Expert Proposes ‘Impact Classes’ To Parallel ‘Asset Classes’

This post was originally published by Devin Thorpe on Forbes, here. To paraphrase the great philosopher Forest Gump, impact investing is like a box of chocolates; you never know what impact you’re going to get. One of the foremost experts on impact investing, Cathy Clark, Director of CASE i3 at Duke University, is working on that problem. She Read more about Impact Investing Expert Proposes ‘Impact Classes’ To Parallel ‘Asset Classes’[…]

Trailblazing Women in Impact Investing

The Case Foundation spotlights the women from philanthropy, the investment community, financial services, and government leading the charge in impact investing.  CASE i3 Director Cathy Clark is honored to be included on this list.  See the other influential women contributing to this dynamic field on the Case Foundation blog.

From Lemonade to Babies: 8 Lessons on How to Talk About Impact Investing

Cathy Clark’s 8-year-old daughter asks her to explain what impact investing is.  Cathy realizes this is a very special communication challenge and a chance to see if she can communicate this topic in a way that truly anyone can understand. Originally posted in B the Change Media.

The B-School Impact Investing Uprising

In The B-School Impact Investing Uprising, We See Genius reports on how business schools are playing an important role in impact investing field development.  Cathy Clark shares her experience developing the CASE Initiative on Impact Investing (CASE i3) at Duke University, and the growing interest among incoming MBA students in the program.  

Podcast: Next Economy Now with Cathy Clark

The Next Economy Now podcast recently hosted CASE i3 Director Cathy Clark.  Highlights of the show: Cathy discusses how Sesame Street led her to impact investing Best practices uncovered in the Impact Investor 2.0 project The art of putting together strong impact funds New tools released soon to help social entrepreneurs raise “Smart Impact Capital” Read more about Podcast: Next Economy Now with Cathy Clark[…]

Podcast: Tackling the Pioneer Gap with Cathy Clark

Cathy Clark: Tackling the Pioneer Gap Between Good Idea and Investable Deal (Podcast) This is reposted from the Returns on Investment podcast You’ve heard it from impact investors: there just aren’t enough investable deals. And you’ve heard it from impact entrepreneurs: where’s the capital we need to get our business off the ground? In this Returns on Read more about Podcast: Tackling the Pioneer Gap with Cathy Clark[…]

Q & A: Catherine Clark on Impact Investing

Expectations of capital sources are “not really aligned with the needs of early-stage social entrepreneurs” By Robin D. Schatz This story appeared originally at SAGE Business Researchers. Read the whole piece here.  Impact investors are integral to the growth of social entrepreneurship, according to Catherine Clark, founder and director of the i3 Initiative on Impact Read more about Q & A: Catherine Clark on Impact Investing[…]

Press: Clark quoted by ImpactAlpha on Wharton Study

WHARTON: GREAT EXPECTATIONS FOR FINANCIAL RETURNS, BUT QUESTIONS ABOUT MISSION PRESERVATION By Dennis Price, ImpactAlpha Impact is in the eye of the beholder, or at least in the eye of the fund manager. A new study on the financial performance of private equity impact investments provides fresh data that suggests at least some segments are indeed Read more about Press: Clark quoted by ImpactAlpha on Wharton Study[…]