Find Your Funding on Social Entrepreneur podcast

CASE i3 Director Cathy Clark was recently interviewed on the podcast Social Entrepreneur.  In this interview, Cathy takes the listeners from the theoretical basis of impact investing through a description of CASE Smart Impact Capital, a toolkit that contains short videos, downloadable resources, spreadsheets, and more for the fundraising journey.  You can find the podcast episode Read more about Find Your Funding on Social Entrepreneur podcast[…]

CASE Smart Impact Capital launches

CASE has been working for nearly two years, scouring the planet, filming and interviewing people in the trenches and in boardrooms, and building a crowd-sourced, scalable, online guidebook that can help impact entrepreneurs be more efficient and effective throughout their investment capital raising journey.  Our toolkit, CASE Smart Impact CapitalTM, has been used by partner Read more about CASE Smart Impact Capital launches[…]

How Social Entrepreneurs Begin to Measure Impact

Forbes has begun a series of articles about how social entrepreneurs measure impact.  As author Devin Thorpe declares, “There are two keys to becoming a good social entrepreneur. Intentionality, that is intending to have a positive social impact rather than merely delivering one incidentally, is how you become a social entrepreneur. Accountability, measuring the impact, Read more about How Social Entrepreneurs Begin to Measure Impact[…]

From Lemonade to Babies: 8 Lessons on How to Talk About Impact Investing

Cathy Clark’s 8-year-old daughter asks her to explain what impact investing is.  Cathy realizes this is a very special communication challenge and a chance to see if she can communicate this topic in a way that truly anyone can understand. Originally posted in B the Change Media.

Podcast: Leading at the Intersection of Ideas, Organizations and Capital

033, Cathy Clark, CASE i3 Initiative on Impact Investing: Leading at the Intersection of Ideas, Organizations and Capital Released Jan 18, 2016 reposted from the ITunes listing for the Social Entrepreneur podcast by Tony Lloyd. Listen to the podcast here: Cathy Clark first came to my attention as the coauthor of the book The Read more about Podcast: Leading at the Intersection of Ideas, Organizations and Capital[…]

Report: Accelerating Impact Enterprises

May 9, 2013: CASE i3, the SJF Institute and O-H Community Partners released a new report “Accelerating Impact Enterprises: How to Lock, Stock and Anchor Impact Enterprises for Maximum Impact” at the Investors’ Circle conference in San Francisco. Click here to read more about the project and related readings, the executive summary or the full report. Read more about Report: Accelerating Impact Enterprises[…]

Advice from Randy Komisar of Kleiner Perkins

May 9, 2013: Advice from Silicon Valley for Impact Investors and Entrepreneurs. Cathy Clark interviewed Randy Komisar, General Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, about his advice for impact entrepreneurs and impact investors at the Investors’ Circle Conference. Video here (conversation starts at 17:30).