CASE i3 Speaker: Debra Schwartz of MacArthur Foundation

We were thrilled to welcome Debra Schwartz to campus in December 2016 for an excellent talk for the Duke community on bridging capital gaps and democratizing impact investing.  Debra was especially articulate in discussing the role foundations have played in the impact investing field, and how that role may change as the field continues to Read more about CASE i3 Speaker: Debra Schwartz of MacArthur Foundation[…]

Three Lessons for Impact Investing Education Programs

After 5+ years of experience running CASE i3, we know that academic institutions can help build the impact investing field by teaching students a fuller suite of skills, clarifying the range of career paths open to them, and developing a better theoretical and practical knowledge base.  We share our own approach, as well as the Read more about Three Lessons for Impact Investing Education Programs[…]

Your Guide to Impact Investing

Forbes contributor, Devin Thorpe, explains impact investing for “the rest of us.”  As he says in the article, “Here’s the thing: most impact investments are only open to wealthy people. This is a guide to impact investing for everyone else, the 98 percent of the population who don’t meet the criteria for investing with the Read more about Your Guide to Impact Investing[…]

What the Unilever Seventh Generation Acquisition Means for Social Ventures

In impact investing circles, we have long talked about the scarcity of large, financially-rewarding, investor exits. While there have been some financially profitable exits and many enterprises with valuations now well above what investors paid for their stakes, there have been very few exits with deal prices at which pure financial investors take notice. Two Read more about What the Unilever Seventh Generation Acquisition Means for Social Ventures[…]

CASE i3 Students Help Carbon Model SJF’s Portfolio

In 2016, SJF Ventures undertook a project to better understand the climate change impact of its portfolio.  SJF worked with a team from CASE i3 through the CASE i3 Consulting Program, along with its partners at the Duke Carbon Offset Initiative and with review by the Environmental Capital Group, to create a dynamic model illustrating Read more about CASE i3 Students Help Carbon Model SJF’s Portfolio[…]

A First-Timer’s Experience: 3 Reflections from SOCAP

Earlier this month, CASE Director of Programs Robyn Fehrman had the opportunity to attend SOCAP16 for the first time.  Read about her three reflections on the experience of attending the annual convening of global innovators, investors, foundations, governments, institutions, and social entrepreneurs, with the tagline “A Conference at the Intersection of Money + Meaning.” Full Read more about A First-Timer’s Experience: 3 Reflections from SOCAP[…]

SOCAP16: Navigating Impact Investing

Given the increasing complexity and diversity of the impact investing market, it can be difficult to navigate for newcomers and current practitioners alike. In this SOCAP16 session, the panel steps back to review the state of play. How far have we come since impact investments were first classified as impact-first or finance-first? Why and where Read more about SOCAP16: Navigating Impact Investing[…]

Trailblazing Women in Impact Investing

The Case Foundation spotlights the women from philanthropy, the investment community, financial services, and government leading the charge in impact investing.  CASE i3 Director Cathy Clark is honored to be included on this list.  See the other influential women contributing to this dynamic field on the Case Foundation blog.

From Lemonade to Babies: 8 Lessons on How to Talk About Impact Investing

Cathy Clark’s 8-year-old daughter asks her to explain what impact investing is.  Cathy realizes this is a very special communication challenge and a chance to see if she can communicate this topic in a way that truly anyone can understand. Originally posted in B the Change Media.