Press: Why The Zuckerberg LLC Is Good For Impact Investing

This article recently appeared in Forbes. This piece is excerpted, with permission. Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that he and Dr. Priscilla Chan, his wife, plan to direct 99% of of their wealth into the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) and the announcement triggered quite the firestorm of controversy. That’s because, although the entity is aimed at using Read more about Press: Why The Zuckerberg LLC Is Good For Impact Investing[…]

Q & A: Catherine Clark on Impact Investing

Expectations of capital sources are “not really aligned with the needs of early-stage social entrepreneurs” By Robin D. Schatz This story appeared originally at SAGE Business Researchers. Read the whole piece here.  Impact investors are integral to the growth of social entrepreneurship, according to Catherine Clark, founder and director of the i3 Initiative on Impact Read more about Q & A: Catherine Clark on Impact Investing[…]

i3 Speaker: Nick O’Donohoe

Catalyzing Impact through Investment with Nick O’Donohoe of Big Society Capital How can an innovative investment intermediary work with funds, governments, and enterprises to catalyze the impact investment market across a country? Nick O’Donohoe, former Global Head of Research at JP Morgan, will talk about the foundation of Big Society Capital and its work dedicated Read more about i3 Speaker: Nick O’Donohoe[…]

Congrats Duke Students!

Congrats Duke students, proud winners of $10,000 first prize Yale Low Carbon Portfolio Case Competition! This post originally appeared on the EDGE blog at Fuqua here. A Duke team took 1st place in the second annual Yale University Low-Carbon Portfolio Case Competition, on Friday, Nov. 13.  The team won $10,000 and automatic entry into the final Read more about Congrats Duke Students![…]

Press: Clark quoted by ImpactAlpha on Wharton Study

WHARTON: GREAT EXPECTATIONS FOR FINANCIAL RETURNS, BUT QUESTIONS ABOUT MISSION PRESERVATION By Dennis Price, ImpactAlpha Impact is in the eye of the beholder, or at least in the eye of the fund manager. A new study on the financial performance of private equity impact investments provides fresh data that suggests at least some segments are indeed Read more about Press: Clark quoted by ImpactAlpha on Wharton Study[…]

Impact Investing Goes to School

Cathy Clark at Duke’s CASE i3 initiative, on what we’ve learned about the sector – and how much we still don’t know By James Militzer (This post originally appeared on Next Billion here.) The i3 Initiative on Impact Investing is part of the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE), a prominent research and Read more about Impact Investing Goes to School[…]

3 Trends in East African Healthcare Investment

This post is part of our series on SEAD’s recent visit to East Africa to work with our innovators in the field and put on events in Nairobi focused on healthcare innovation and scaling in East Africa. Learn more about the trip here. Right now is an exciting time to be involved in global health Read more about 3 Trends in East African Healthcare Investment[…]

Raising Smart Impact Capital

You’re a busy entrepreneur with an innovative venture that is making a real impact. But like many impact entrepreneurs you likely face questions and challenges in the capital-raising process. Many entrepreneurs find it hard to raise capital. And many entrepreneurs raise capital but discover later they got the wrong kind of capital at the wrong Read more about Raising Smart Impact Capital[…]

From the Global Entrepreneurship Summit

          Cathy Clark of CASE i3 was invited by the US State Department as a delegate at the Obama Administration’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi in July, 2015. While there, she moderated a panel on global health in Africa entitled, “Enabling Scale: Building a Global Health Ecosystem for Impact.” The panel explored Read more about From the Global Entrepreneurship Summit[…]

Melissa Bradley, New Capitalist, on Tri-Sector Leadership

CASE i3 Advisor Melissa Bradley shares her experience as a tri-sector leader collaborating on solutions to social problems. Melissa has vast and diverse impact experience, having started and successfully sold a social enterprise, worked as an impact investor focused on investing in entrepreneurs of color and female entrepreneurs, and served as the acting director of Read more about Melissa Bradley, New Capitalist, on Tri-Sector Leadership[…]