Debating the potential of impact investing at Skoll World Forum

No one can debate that the field of impact investing has exploded in the last decade, with billions of dollars committed to various impact investment vehicles, and increasing research into financial and social returns. But has impact investing been oversold, or will it live up to the hype?

Attendees of the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, UK had the opportunity last week to hear a lively debate focusing on this and other important questions including, are expectations of market rate returns unrealistic? How can we best assess impact?

Cathy Clark of CASE i3, together with Julia Sze of Arabella Advisors, Chris West of Sumerian Partners, Lisa Kleissner of Toniic, and Mara Bolis of Oxfam America, engaged in a lively debate exploring the explosion of impact investing in the last decade and the role of investing in producing impacts at scale for poverty and sustainability. Who do you think won?

Watch the video here: