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Did you miss the Duke Fuqua Net Impact Sustainable Business and Social Impact Conference on Feb 24?

You can follow the best quotes and photos from it here on our storify feed.


Barbara Bush, CEO and Co-Founder, Global Health Corps (right) leads a discussion with a recent corps member

Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia

Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia

Check out some clips from closing keynote Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia here.


And below are some quotes from the impact investing panel:

.@cathyhc now talking meets mainstream finance with @calvert_fdn @mercycorps and others

space at a DYNAMIC time. Lots of new players entering.

Money is power. We’re trying to democratize . – @JennPryce @calvert_fdn

Jenn Pryce of @calvert_fdn talks about “crowding in” previously underrepresented investors in impact through creative products at

movement example of factors to mitigate risk – @TomVanDyck

Capital mkts can drive change faster than regulation & legislation. End the exploitation, push innovation @TomVanDyck

Tom Van Dyck of @RBC : capital markets can create change faster than legislation, and we need fast change to solve our challenges

out performs, but we still have perception gap that we need to address to make mainstream

Beyond , @calvert_fdn focuses on “deep social impact” through additive capital –@JennPryce

We’ve spent last decades getting investors from WHY to HOW. Takes 6 visits for portfolio managers to get it. –@calvert_fdn

Do we need more education or more strong execution to learn by doing? Differences of opinion at

“Execute the hell out of everything” Jennifer Pryce of @calvert_fdn at w/ @DukeFuqua @CASEatDuke

NOT just about social impact, this is about risk mitigation & economic impact @TomVanDyck

Data beginning to show that teams with women on founding team are doing better. That’s impact of gender lens. @mikemacharg

Energy moving from commodity-base to technology will be cataclysmic event making mainstream @TomVanDyck

Investment is economic expression of thoughts and values. @TomVanDyck

Impact Investing Panel at #SBSI16

Impact Investing Panel at #SBSI16