Becoming a Multilingual Leader at SOCAP14

SOCAP logoSeptember 4, 2014. The concept of Multilingual Leadership, expounded upon in the book The Impact Investor: Lessons in Leadership and Strategy for Collaborative Capitalism, was debuted at the annual SOCAP conference by co-authors Cathy Clark, Ben Thornley, and Jed Emerson.  Cathy, Ben, and Jed spoke during the plenary session on Wednesday, introducing this important topic to conference attendees from all sectors of the impact investing universe.  Everyone was encouraged to take the self-assessment survey, Becoming a Multilingual Leader Diagnostic Tool for Collaborative Capitalism (survey still open – find out your score!).  A peer workshop on “Becoming a Multilingual Leader” was then conducted on Thursday, where an exceptional group of “coaches” led small groups in a hands-on activity to introduce the cross-sector skills necessary for success in impact investing and social entrepreneurship.

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